How to make Auto-Payments to your Credit Card

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Enjoy the worry-free experience of automatic payments!

There are multiple ways to set your Visa credit card up for automatic payments from your TruEnergy FCU account or from another financial institution:

How do I set up automatic payments on the telephone?

Call (844) 453-8858, option 6

How do I set up automatic payments on the web?

Fill out the ACH Credit Card Authorization Form

How do I set up automatic payments using online banking?

To set up automatic payments (also known as recurring payments) follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to Your Account via Online Banking
  2. Scroll to and click on CREDIT CARD, click on Click here to access your Visa Credit Card website (this will open the credit card page)
  3. Click on Bill Payment and select, Enroll Accounts

  1. Enroll account you wish to pay from

With automatic payments you get the flexibility to control:

  • Payment Date
  • Payment Amount
  • Payment Start/Stop Date

Call 703.750.4394 or email for any questions.

08 Aug, 22